Fattoria Pianeta Terra will provide an initial accommodation for lone children and young people who are traveling and looking for a peaceful place to stay. The facility will also welcome unaccompanied minors who have arrived in Italy, as well as many children and teens who have been abandoned or the victims of violence or mistreatment and are residents of Milan but are currently placed and protected in far-away locations due to the lack of facilities in the city. Planet Earth Farm is an ancient Lombard farmhouse, located in Milan’s Forlanini City Park, which will become a care home, a cosy place to convey a sense of protection and offer its guests the opportunity to commune with others as well as themselves. It will be a place for children, teens and young people to express themselves, discover and develop their personal resources, and feel useful for themselves and other people. This will be a receptive place where tales of suffering and pain will be listened to, the young will be given a helping hand towards the future and dignity will come first.

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The farms are vital places where the cycles of nature accompany growth and are a source of well-being for those who live and work there. The facility will offer its spaces for activity and productivity, providing its guests with greater job opportunities, future independence and dignity. Planet Earth Farm will have transparent, permeable borders; it will be a space open for communication and dialogue with the outside world. It will be neither a fortress nor an oasis, but rather a place for continuous connection and exchange with the outside world. After all, the world is the horizon and the challenge of the children and young people who will be welcome here. Their future hinges on being able to think they will feel good even outside a protected environment. Planet Earth Farm will adopt the idea that citizens can be active and supportive of each other. It will promote its welcome policies with host families willing to support their guests and spend time with them and/or volunteer as guardians, for example. The Farm will also be a place where to come in contact with complexity and nature, and where to feel like you are part of something greater than yourself and not feel like you are on the sidelines.

Fattoria Pianeta Terra is a Foundation project currently underway which involves the Nivalis social cooperative..