The Main dans la Main Foundation was officially created in October 1998 thanks to a donation from MDM Fabrication SA, a Swiss manufacturer of the prestigious Hublot luxury brand watches, established by Carlo Crocco, who was the owner until 2008. The philosophy of the MDM Fabrication SA Foundation was to use a portion of its profits to promote social enterprises for the support of people in difficulty with their basic and educational needs. 

Everything began when, after taking several trips to India, Carlo Crocco decided to do something to help the poor children of that part of the world. Mr Crocco was immensely struck by those unique and special smiles, so much so that, over the years, he went on to create and support a series of child protection projects for these poor children. His first project was to buy a large plot of agricultural land in South India, where he built three houses, each to accommodate twenty minors in distress. Thus, the Foundation started by supporting a total of sixty young people. In time, the Foundation promoted many more projects in partnership with a local organisation, named TDH Core Trust  and based in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, South India.

To create a sort of continuity, every year from 1998 until 2008, the MDM Foundation awarded the premio Hublot (CHF 50,000) to an outstanding person involved in humanitarian programmes for children. Among the countless people awarded, and known for their great efforts, we mention Edmond Kaiser, the founder of Terres Des Hommes Lausanne, and Father Francis Laborde, who has created several care centres since 1981 for vulnerable and disabled children from the poorest families in the Calcutta region of India.

In May 2008, the company that Carlo Crocco had created — The Hublot Watches Corporates — was sold to the Louis Vitton Moêt Chandon (LVMH) group, whose founder decided to use part of the profits to further promote the development of other social projects in India, as well as in Switzerland and Italy. In early 2010, the Foundation moved its headquarters from Nyon to Lugano (which is where Carlo Crocco resides, as well as most of the other members of the Board of Directors). The bylaws were later amended and the Foundation began to promote and support new projects and activities in the Canton of Ticino, , including Ca.Stella FARM-Camino Spinirolo and the Monte San Giorgio Campsite.

In Italy, the Foundation supports the following projects: House of Rebbio-Como Como in collaboration with Don Giusto Della Valle, Simplokè, Cooperativa Sociale and Planet Earth Farm in Milan.


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