The Foundation believes in and supports an interesting social enterprise experiment in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The project was created as a spin-off and in synergy with other child protection projects supported in the country. Named Margheritaly, the social enterprise is in the ice cream production business. This project aims to create several points of sale and franchises under its brand.
The production of homemade ice cream was successfully started thanks to the support of an established Italian ice cream maker who taught the lads how to manufacture good ice cream. Several points of sales have opened: two in Tiruvannamalai, one in Vellore (inside the largest University) and one in Chennai. Two of these points of sale also feature wood oven pizza, which is a real novelty for the area.

Girls and boys from our care homes have been employed in these sales outlets. Some have learned to make ice cream and others to make pizza or work as waiters.
The medium-term business goal is to become independent and use the profits to partially finance child protection projects and our care homes in the area.