The Ca.Stella FARM-Camino Spinirolo project led to the renovation of a prestigious site, located in the Meride area inside the Monte San Giorgio UNESCO site. Over the years, the students of the Sottoceneri cantonal special schools have been involved in a “social building site”, which has allowed them to grow and develop their workplace skills as much as possible, and the Foundation to create a multipurpose facility that can now accommodate young people, students, schools and associations in a wonderful space inside the Park.

This facility offers the following services:
-Large and modern common areas for meetings and seminars
-Cosy rooms with shared bathrooms that can also accommodate disabled guests
-A beautiful and fully equipped kitchen
-Access to the Monte San Giorgio Campsite, which has a swimming pool and green spaces (between April and October)

Ca.Stella FARM-Camino Spinirolo and respect for people who work
Those who work at our facility enjoy an open and positive environment, feel welcome and get support in their experiences and paths.
The FARM offers real opportunities for training, development and professional and personal growth with the goal of improving one’s skills.
All the animals kept at Ca.Stella FARM have the right to live and grow according to the pace, life conditions and freedom appropriate for their species. Our FARM keeps horses, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, rabbits and goats. Each animal is fed and looked after with tender loving care.

Ca.Stella FARM-Camino Spinirolo is green
Our facility was built respecting the environment around us and promoting sustainable management. We only use non-polluting organic products and renewable energy for heating. Our mainly vegetarian cuisine is geared towards farm-to-table products.
Our water purification takes place through phytodepuration. Ca.Stella is equipped with a photovoltaic system and a wood boiler; we gather the firewood we use from our own woods.
The facility has vast agricultural land where we plant and look after fruit trees, berries, vegetables and aromatic plants; we respect nature and follow organic standards. 
This facility is entirely smoke free. 

Ca.Stella FARM-Camino Spinirolo without barriers
Ca.Stella FARM has been designed to accommodate people with disabilities or reduced mobility. The common areas and rooms have been meticulously designed to meet every single need of our guests and ensure adequate solutions.