mdm prize

Since 1998, the council of the MDM Foundation awards the Hublot prize to the person who has distinguished him/herself in an exceptional way in aid for the neediest children.

In May 2008, The Hublot Watches Corporates is sold to the Louis Vuitton Moet Chandon (LVMH), which notes the moral support of the Foundation MDM.

In 2008, ten years after its creation, the Hublot Prize became the MDM prize; the new award was first bestowed on Tim Aline Rebenaud, director and founder of Maison Chance in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.

Unfortunately, the LVMH (although he has not ruled to keep it in the future)has so far not delivered on its commitment to continue to help the projects of our Foundation, which has led to the suspension of the annual price MDM.

The Hublot Prize

1998 Edmon Kaiser (France).
The Hublot Prize was awarded for the first time in 1998, to Edmond Kaiser, founder of Terre des Hommes Lausanne and later of Sentinelles.

1999 Sister Ivana (Croatia).
Sister Ivana is nicknamed the "Mother Teresa of Bengala" and takes care of the poorest children and lepers in West Bengala, a region in northern India.

Anatoly Ulianov , (Russia)
Anatoly helps the abandoned children of San Petersburg, bringing them to orphanages he directs in the region.

2000 Dr. Jack Preger (England),
For thirty years he has dedicated himself to taking care of the poorest people, particularly the children, in Calcutta, India, organizing hospitals and clinics in the streets of the poorest districts of the city.

2001 Rosamond Carr (United States)
After the tragic genocide of '94 in Rwanda, Rosamond Carr welcomed hundreds of children of all ethnicities to her property in Imbabazi, which was transformed into an orphanage.

2002 Père Laborde(France)
Since 1981, Father Francis Laborde has created various centers for poor and handicapped children coming from the poorest families in the region of Calcutta.

2003 Fernanda and Paco Gagigao (Switzerland and Peru).
Fernanda and Paco created a farm and a reception home for handicapped children and adolescents from the poorest families of Peruvian society. The project is Achalay and is located 135 km north of Lima, in an previously desert area.

2004 Gregoire
The traditional concept of mental illness in Africa is that the person suffering from a mental disorder is possessed or is the victim of witchcraft, and a cure consists of making the witchcraft harmless by locking the affected persons in shackles or chains and abandoning them on the street. Gregoire tackles the problem in another way, freeing these sick people, taking them to a center, rehabilitating them in a work place and, finally, re-accompanying them, mostly healed, to their village.

2005 Sister Teresa Jacqueline (Swiss)
She takes care of orphan girls in the Colombian region of Medellín with great love.

2006 : Christiane Ramseyer (Swiss)
In 1977, Christiane left for Lima to work with Terre des Hommes. She then decided not to return home and in 1978 she opened "Taller de los Ninos" in the center of Canto Grande, a favela in Lima. Now she has been working in Peru for over thirty years to improve the lot of the most unfortunate children.

2007: No prize was awarded this year.

Main dans la Main Prize

The Hublot Prize changes name, becoming the MDM prize; the new award was first bestowed on Tim Aline Rebenaud, director and founder of Maison Chance in Ho Chi Min, Vietnam.

2008: Tim Aline Rebeaud (Switzerland)
During her first trip to Vietnam, Aline Rebeaud, nicknamed Tim, decided to work to relieve the poverty surrounding her. She moved to Ho Chi Min and created Maison Chance, which takes in handicapped children from extremely difficult family situations and educates them.