about mdm

The superfluous becomes vital

After various trips to India, in 1996 Carlo Crocco decided to create a series of projects to help children in difficulty. He bought a large area of agricultural land in the south of India and built three houses intended to take in twenty children each.

The Main dans la Main Foundation was officially created in October 1998 with an endowment offered by MDM Fabrication SA, a Swiss company manufacturing the luxury watch Hublot, which founded and owned by Carlo Crocco until 2008.

The philosophy is to use part of the profits of luxury products, which are superfluous by definition, to meet vital needs.
Subsequently, friends, customers, suppliers and employees of MDM participated enthusiastically in the Foundation.
Thus, additional projects were developed in partnership with a local organization: TDH Core Trust based in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, southern India.

In the early 2010, the Foundation's headquarters is transferred from Nyon to Lugano (where Carlo Crocco and almost all other Council members reside).

In 2010, our Foundation has amended the statute to expand its activities in Switzerland. For this, we developed a project called Ca.Stella.

The project Ca.Stella envisages the creation of a Communitie-Farm where, in addition to a natural living and organic farming host many different animals (horses, donkeys, goats, llamas, rabbits, dogs, cats ...) with which it s possible to practice the pet therapy.

Is actually put in practice the Animal Assisted Activities (AAA) in favor of children with psycho-physical problems of various kinds.

The Main dans la Main Foundation is represented by a committee composed of:

Carlo Crocco, founder of Hublot (President MDM).

Giuseppe Ambrosetti, Joint Manager UBS ( Member and treasurer ).

Simone Binda, CEO Gruppo Binda, Milano ( Member).

Margherita Crocco ( Member)

Ivo Dellagana ( Member)